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An ideal program for those looking for strength and movement optimization

905 Athletics' EVOLVE Program is personalized programming focused on creating optimal human performance, strength, and movement capacity. The opportunity is there to not just bring awareness and intention to your training but to your nutrition and lifestyle as well.

In assessing both your strengths and weaknesses, a program will be custom designed to create a healthy, strong, balanced & athletic body. 

You will expand your movement vocabulary and build a much broader base layer of strength, allowing you to explore your true physical potential.  The program will be centred around your goals and will keep you motivated and strong for the long run.
Here’s a closer look at what the program entails:

  • Our EVOLVE program requires a minimum five-month commitment as programming phases are designed ahead of time.  In five months, one will run through approximately 5 training cycles depending on one's training frequency. 

  • Those utilizing our EVOLVE Program will also be allowed to use our gym space during all hours of the day, outside of the odd times that someone has rented the gym space to themselves. 
    **Note: This program is also available for those who cannot make use of our facility and are training remotely.

  • A monthly training program featuring mobility, stability, and strength training exercises.  Conditioning work can be added if requested as well, but won't necessarily be personalized.

  • Monthly video reviews with Anthony to discuss progress and the current state of your training as well as to ensure movement standards are being met.

  • Throughout the program, there will be recovery sessions. The purpose of these recovery days is to scale back the volume but maintain training intensity.  The reduction in the volume is to allow the nervous system time to catch up and come back stronger.  This is a must in order to see progress.  Rest and Recovery are large factors in performance.

  • The program is built around quality.  Tempo will be programmed within the training to ensure awareness and control throughout the full range of motion.

  • Movement demos and videos with cueing on screen provided.

  • Before being given your first program, you'll be asked to record and send a few movement demos to see your existing fitness, strength, and mobility levels to get a sense for where we're starting from.  You'll also receive a questionnaire to be filled out and returned.

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching can be an add-on which will include nutrition and lifestyle interventions, as well as quarterly consultations to stay on task and educate throughout the process.

Before committing to such a program, one must ensure they can meet the following requirements:

  • Must have the will to work and train hard on a consistent basis


  • The ability to train on their own without constant supervision and the inner motivation to consistently train.

  • Remain coach-able throughout the process

  • Be willing to take and submit progress videos daily/weekly in order to get some feedback and cues for re-positioning/improvement. Videos can be submitted at any time for critiquing

  • Be sure to log your workouts and keep track of your completed sets, reps, and weights used.

  • Once again, this requires a 5-month commitment.  Show up for the minimum time commitment and reap the rewards.  Anthony is there to help you the entire time. Physical changes in the body take time.  You can’t rush something you want to last forever

Here's a walk-through of what to expect and how the program will work.

Upon registering for our EVOLVE Program, you'll receive an initial email with a request to fill out a questionnaire in regards to current fitness levels and goals.  You'll also be asked to record some movement demonstrations so that we can establish your current movement, mobility, and strength levels.

Taking both the questionnaire and your demo videos into consideration, a training plan will be provided. 

This training plan will include five programming phases.  Each programming phase will be run on a 3x or 4x/week training schedule.  You will not be given the five programs all at once, but rather, will have them sent out as you move through the programming.

At the beginning and end of each phase, you'll be asked to send over a video compilation of specific movements and exercises to see your progress and to ensure quality or movement standards are met.  This will also allow us to adjust on the fly and make any necessary changes to the upcoming programs.   It is strongly advised you record and track your workouts and rep counts as they will be called upon throughout your training phases.

After five months, we'll look to re-assess based off of the initial video and movement demos that were sent at the start and look to keep going with as many five-month programming blocks as you're interested in pursuing.  

Anyone who partakes in the program will be set up for a lifetime of success within health and fitness. The training is catered towards the individual by creating a more balanced body, free of pain and injury, allowing you to enjoy all of the physical tools your body was designed to have.


Working synergistically with the nutrition and lifestyle changes, you could be looking at an entirely different individual after a full year.  

Here is your chance to make the most of your training and time and to take advantage of Anthony's vast array of knowledge on all things health, wellness, and longevity.  

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