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  • What we do
    We provide an atmosphere for people, beginner to advanced, looking to empower themselves to become stronger while also learning proper technique, and receiving premium coaching in a small group class setting. We focus on increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, improved range of motion, injury prevention, and increased energy to boost your confidence in and outside of the gym. 905 Athletics is your alternative to personal training. If you want to maximize your time in the gym, and get in the best shape of your life while working with dedicated and knowledgeable coaches in a friendly atmosphere!
  • What is a Strength + Conditioning Class?
    Our Strength + Conditioning classes are not bootcamp cardio-type sweat sessions. We consider them semi-private personal training due to the fact that the monthly programming gets individualized to suit each person and their current physical capabilities. Individuals come to 905 Athletics because they want to strength train and are serious about their health and long-term results. We personalize the sessions for every client using different training modalities based on their current levels and goals. We will teach each member proper training techniques to ensure optimal results and educate every client on our philosophies. Every program has sets, reps, tempo and rest. Progress is what our training is all about, and 905 Athletics has been created so you can train in a high-energy, empowering environment.
  • What is a "Metcon" class?"
    An energetic and dynamic 45-minute energy system workout which incorporates barbells, kettlebells, calisthenics and cardiovascular movements. We will focus on improved coordination, metabolism, core strength and bracing ability. Our Metcon sessions will enhance the results of your strength training.
  • How is a typical Strength + Conditioning Class structured?
    There are typically 4 parts to any of our Strength + Coniditioning Classes. 1. Warm-up – We spend about 10 minutes at the start of classes going through a short circuit. This will get your body warmed up and ready for what lies ahead. This time should also be used as an opportunity to practice proper movement patterns and get in some extra skill work. 2. Strength / Skill Training – We spend about 25-30 minutes working on the strength or skill movement for that day. Each day the movement changes so you can expect to work your entire body on a daily and weekly basis. 3. Mobility – We’ll spend about 8-10 minutes mobilizing specific joints in relation to the task at hand for the day. Our mobility work goes far beyond foam rolling and lacrosse work. The focus is controlling and strengthening joint articulation. 4. Conditioning – The end of the class usually ends with a conditioning workout (commonly referred to as the “WOD”). This is a short, high-intensity workout ranging from usually 6-12 minutes. We recommend spending some time after class foam rolling, mobilizing any fatigued areas, or running through a basic cool down for recovery. . Class run time is approximately 1 hour.
  • How is a typical Met-Con Class structured?
    Our conditioning classes run slightly different. 1. Warm-up – We spend about 6-8 minutes at the start of classes going through a short circuit. This will get your body warmed up and ready for what lies ahead. This time should also be used as an opportunity to practice proper movement patterns and get in some extra skill work. 2. Workout Preparation - We'll spend about 3-5 minutes preparing our workout area. Setting up any barbells, KB's, or equipment necessary. 3. WOD- aka the Workout of the Day. This will be a longer conditioning workout than our standard 6-12 minutes WODs as we utilize the rest of the class time to run through a 20-35 minute circuit. Conditioning workouts will vary in intensity some will reflect more HIIT style (anaerobic) training while others may elicit a more cardiovascular (aerobic) response. 4. Cooldown - 3-5 mins of active recovery to slow the heart rate back down and get some downtime before leaving the gym. Conditioning class run time is approximately 45-50 minutes.
  • Who is 905 Athletics programming for?
    If you are the type of person that likes to try new things, wants an outlet to push yourself, or is looking for a tough workout you’ve come to the right place. If you want to get your ass kicked in the gym, receive coaching, meet awesome people who share a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, but most of all have fun, 905 Athletics is the place for you.
  • At what age can my child start training at 905 Athletics?
    It depends on the physical maturity of the child at hand. However, generally speaking, anybody over 14 can participate in our regular scheduled classes. Anyone under 18 MUST have their waiver form signed by a parent/guardian. We sometimes sprinkle in kids/youth programming as well. To learn more about any upcoming kids programming, send us an email through the contact page.
  • What do I bring to class?
    Come ready to train! A comfortable t-shirt/tank top, workout pants/shorts, and appropriate footwear are all mandatory. Your own water bottle and towel are highly recommended as well. In no way do we condone or allow athletes to go shirtless while training. While it is a part of some fitness cultures, we specifically at 905 Athletics do not allow for it.
  • What if I can't do a movement that's mentioned in the daily workout program?
    If you’re new to a strength training environment, it may take up to a few weeks to learn basic movements. It may take months to learn the more skilled movements. By coming to class you will start to learn the movements and continue to develop your skills. For every movement in the WOD there is a varied, simplified movement for members who have not learned them yet. Our coaches will also take the time to teach the movements and make sure you are comfortable with them before starting the WOD.
  • How often should I come to class?
    This depends on your goals. If you’re just looking to stay in shape, 3-4 times per week is plenty. If you want to reach competitive levels and pursue fitness as a sport or are the type of person who just likes to train a lot to expect to come to class 5-6 days per week. Always be sure to allow yourself rest days and listen to your body.
  • Should I come to class if I'm sore from previous days of training?
    That’s entirely up to you. General soreness is normal, and can often be worked through. Once the body is warmed up, you’ll forget you were ever sore in the first place. If soreness is causing a loss of mobility, it might be a good idea to take a rest day.
  • What is the average class size?
    The average class could consist of anywhere from 6 to 15 people depending on the day and class time. We cap ALL classes at 16 participants.
  • How do I register for classes?
    You’ll need to create an account through our ClassFit scheduler. Once you’ve registered and are a member at 905 Athletics, you’ll be able to sign-in to classes and book your daily spots. It is MANDATORY that all participants sign in to classes to reserve and ensure their spots.
  • What if I want to freeze or cancel my AutoPay membership?
    Monthly AutoPays can be cancelled at anytime.
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