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We are a fitness and performance center dedicated to the practice of human movement, strength, and conditioning.  The key to performance is attention to detail and embracing a practice dedicated to developing basic skills to a high degree. Advanced movements are built on a foundation of solid basics. There is no way to escape this fundamental law of training. If you want to get advanced you have to spend your life working on and loving the basics.  There are pre-requisites in our training methodologies and one must adhere to these prerequisites before moving on to more advanced skills or heavier barbell work.
We train attributes, not stunts. Increased mobility improves health, flexibility, and vitality just as increased strength or any other attribute we focus on does. We train for life.  To be better, stronger, faster, more agile human beings capable of taking on all of life’s challenges.  Your physical and mental being will be constantly challenged inside our four walls to help you grow, evolve, and succeed both inside and outside of the gym.


What truly matters to us is helping you move better so you can enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.  You own the greatest gift ever created and it’s never too late to expose your unlimited potential.   Ask yourself with everything you’re currently doing if it will help you move better in 5-10-20 years? At 905 Athletics, you’ll be sure to learn and ingrain proper movement and lifting patterns which are crucial for pushing your physical limitations.




Owner + Head Coach

Anthony has been passionate about fitness and athletics since childhood. He grew up playing competitive soccer and basketball which ultimately led him to his love for strength training. Anthony is on a constant pursuit of bettering himself, inside the gym and out! In his spare time, you will find his nose deep in books related anything to fitness, nutrition, wellness, science, and self-development.


Barbell Weights


At 905 Athletics it all begins with our approach. Our programming is built with every component of physical performance and structural balance in mind.


There are no shortcuts to optimal performance. Our programming and concepts are based on knowledge, science, and results.

Sunset Run

Intensity + Focus

Training sessions at 905 Athletics will demand intensity + focus. You must come in with the intent to work hard every time you enter our facility. Intensity + focus are the keys to success in the weight room and both are ultimately derived from within.  


With passive training comes passive results.  Get grinding and reap the rewards of unleashing your inner athlete.

Barbell Weights


Our Coaches are knowledgeable and are consistently pursuing educational opportunities. The unique atmosphere at 905 Athletics provides much encouragement and support.  Our attention to detail is unparalleled and you're sure to experience high standards of one-on-one coaching while in a group setting.

Heavy Weights


Strength is the focal point of our weekly programming.  Getting out of your comfort zone is normal and necessary if you want to see results.  

Our training utilizes gymnastics movements to build a strong upper body. and traditional barbell lifts for building a strong lower body.  Olympic Lifting and KB training are featured as well for power and force development. 

Barbell Weights


Our focus is growth and we will guide you on your journey in exploring your true physical potential.


While we coach we also educate you so you can reach all of your training, health, and lifestyle goals. Progress in our facility will yield confidence in all aspects of your life.

CrossFit Exercises


We believe in training smart and creating physical resilience through movement efficiency in our training. Poor form and poor mobility lead to injury. 


We work with you to ensure you understand the mechanics of training and the importance of efficiency and moving well in the weight room.


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Haldane, Plant Supervisor

Deliberate and intentionally structured to help and challenge everyone.  Day in and day out it pushes me past my boundaries that I would have never realized.

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Mark, Businessman.

An authentic experience that provides sustained improvement in mobility and strength.  905 Athletics is an investment in long term physical and mental health driving meaningful change in health and lifestyle.


Greg, Professional Musician

If you’re interested in becoming the healthiest version of yourself, in developing a solid foundation of fitness using strength and conditioning as a catalyst, and in experiencing the positive impact that a movement practice can have on your life, there is no better place to go than 905 Athletics.

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Stephen, Accountant

I have yet to come across a person/trainer who cares equally (if not more) about building mental toughness than general physical preparedness.



905 Athletics has made me stronger physically and mentally; In fact, I am in the best shape of my life! Thanks to a head coach like no other who is not afraid to tell it how it is; Anthony is definitely a mentor in my life! The community is home to the best group of individuals of whom I'm proud to consider family!


Maria, Nutritionist

...anytime you have a question about why we are doing a particular movement, the coaches exhibit extensive knowledge to support the programming. The idea is not only to become stronger individuals but to have the ability to become healthy and functional individuals, which then translates into everyday life.

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